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February 25, 2014



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Today's Practice GMAT Question:

A small percentage of dogs are believed to be able to detect the onset of seizures in their owners. A dog with this ability will display characteristic behaviors, such as staring intently at its owner, just before a seizure occurs. Observations of epilepsy patients do not reveal any noticeable change in odor, behavior, or appearance before a seizure. However, seizure-detecting dogs can predict a seizure even when the patient is in another room.
If the statements above are true, which of the following is most strongly supported by them?
(A) Seizure-detecting dogs are not appreciably more accurate in predicting seizures when they are in the room with a patient than when they are in another room.
(B) No dogs are able to detect the onset of a heart attack in their owners.
(C) Some dogs must be able to recognize a change in odor that medical science has not yet identified.
(D) Seizure-detecting dogs do not rely on visual information to predict a seizure.
(E) When a seizure-detecting dog stares intently at its owner, the owner is likely to have a seizure.


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