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April 1, 2014



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Today's Practice GMAT Question:

Every year, children are born with neural tube defects, which can prevent full formation of the brain or closing of the base of the spine, causing paralysis. A primary cause was found to be a deficiency of folic acid, an essential nutrient, in the diets of pregnant women. To reduce the incidence of these birth defects, the country of Islandia began to require folic acid supplementation of all wheat flour. This ensured that everyone received adequate amounts of folic acid in their diets, thereby preventing neural tube defects in children.
Each of the following, if true, helps to explain how the supplementation of wheat flour could have prevented neural tube defects in children EXCEPT:
(A) Pregnant women whose families did not traditionally eat food containing folic acid found it easier to supplement their diets with the nutrient when it was already contained in a staple such as wheat flour.
(B) Aware that wheat flour had additional health benefits, Islandia residents consumed larger amounts of wheat flour than before the supplementation began.
(C) The supplementation of folic acid caused wheat flour distributors to more aggressively compete for customers, who they expected to seek out their products for health reasons.
(D) Pregnant women who ignored recommended supplements such as folic acid could not avoid including wheat flour in their daily diet.
(E) Prompted by the country's emphasis on folic acid supplementation, pregnant women sought out other foods that naturally contain folic acid.


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