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April 8, 2014



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Today's Practice GMAT Question:

Many cities face the problem of sprawl--unchecked development in areas outside of a city center where adequate transportation infrastructure may not yet exist. The city of Masonville is experiencing rapid population growth, which can lead to sprawl. The city council recently passed a transportation concurrency measure, which requires that roads and other infrastructure be in place before developers can build in an area.
Which of the following, if true, most seriously undermines the usefulness of the proposal?
(A) In neighboring Dorsetville, a similar measure caused transportation infrastructure costs to nearly double in the first year after its passage.
(B) Where rapid population growth exists, sprawl is rarely avoided.
(C) Some developers include privately funded transportation infrastructure in their plans for new surburban shopping malls and neighborhoods.
(D) The concurrency measure ensures that any development likely to attract more than 100 new residents would be served by at least one of Masonville's bus routes.
(E) The majority of new areas in which developers build do not attract large populations that require significant transportation infrastructure.


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